Why You Should Wait to Overhaul Your Careers Site

These days, roughly nine out of 10 conversations we have involve someone pleading with us to build them a new careers site right now.

We understand what’s driving the urgency. CEOs and CHROs are profoundly concerned about the labor and skills shortage. Workers everywhere are quitting their jobs in record numbers. Competition over talent is the fiercest we have ever seen.

And that’s exactly why you shouldn’t overhaul your careers site, shouldn’t launch a new recruitment marketing campaign and shouldn’t expand your social channels. 

Or at least, it’s why you shouldn’t do any of those things yet.

If you want results, you can’t skimp on strategy

If you think you need a new careers site, chances are you probably do. But that site will only drive the results you’re seeking if you shape a targeted strategy first.

A thorough strategy incorporates an understanding of your audience, the competitive landscape and your business objectives. It defines your anticipated tactics, lays out which elements of the plan should be prioritized, and establishes an overarching roadmap for key initiatives.

Why strategy is so essential right now

This sort of comprehensive strategic plan is more important than ever as worried talent attraction professionals boost their content production and recruitment efforts. In such a crowded field, it’s hard for companies to differentiate themselves and break through the noise.

In addition, nearly every potential candidate has been through life-changing experiences over the last two years that have fundamentally altered what many people are looking for in their work.This isn’t the time to dust off old recruitment marketing campaigns and give them a light refresh.

Instead, now is when it’s most important to invest in research that will allow you to maintain a true audience-centered approach. This is especially true for employers seeking to hire hourly workers, who have more competing choices than ever before. 

Your strategy will also help you understand what skill sets you need represented on your employer branding team — a key question in a year when many employer brand professionals are seeking ways to expand their internal bench.

So if you find yourself itching to just get started, try to stop and take a deep breath. Then add some time into your project calendar so that you can make sure you’re doing the job right. We promise, it’s a job worth doing — and worth doing well.

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