Employer Branding Quiz

Whether you are currently investing in employer branding or not, your brand is being experienced by internal and external talent - right now. Does your brand accurately express the authentic employment experience within your organization? Let’s find out.

1. We have conducted research to better understand what employees value about working for us. We know what makes us attractive and unique.
2. We have conducted research to determine external perceptions about working for our company.
3. We engaged an employer brand consulting company (or another neutral third party) to conduct our research.
4. We benchmark our employer brand effectiveness against competitors.
5. We monitor what people are saying about our brand online.
6. We have developed a clearly defined Employee Value Proposition (EVP) that has been validated through research.
7. We have EVPs that reflect our geographical presence. (ie Canadian vs Global)
8. We have segmented EVPs for our target candidate audience (ie Campus, Skilled Labor, HQ, Sales, Technology, etc)
9. We have allocated sufficient financial resources towards employer branding in order to achieve our strategic objectives.
10. We have conducted a gap analysis of our brand message within the attraction, employment and transition elements of the employee life cycle.
11. We have developed an internal and external brand activation strategy and engaged employees in executing the plan.
12. We have identified internal brand ambassadors and provided the tools and guidance to enable them to effectively advocate for the organization.
13. Our Employee Value Proposition (EVP) was defined by employees and our creative and communications strategy flowed directly from that critical first step.
14. We launched our EVP and employer brand internally and employees endorse the brand message.
15. We have a careers section on our website where our employer brand and EVP are articulated in a compelling way.
16. We have a social media strategy that includes showcasing our employer brand and our career opportunities on social media.
17. We survey candidates and new hires to gain their feedback on their experience with our employer brand.
18. Our new hires stay with the organization, rarely leaving voluntarily in the first 12 months.
19. Our voluntary turnover rate is below our industry average.
20. Many of our new hires are referral based, originating from either current or former employees.
21. Our alumni have positive things to say about our employer brand and we have rehired boomerang employees who want to return to us.
22. We have created a database of talented employees we would like to hire when the time is right.
23. We have addressed any brand messaging gaps within the attraction, employment and transition elements of the employee life cycle.
24. We have a communication plan to manage our employer brand and consistently reflect our brand message.
25. Our employer brand strategy is aligned with our organizational objectives and is actively supported at the executive level.
26. Our leaders are trained and supported to deliver on our employer brand promise and our employee value proposition (EVP).
27. We have a talent development strategy to foster the growth of our employees.
28. We have a brand ambassador program that empowers our brand enthusiasts to advocate for us.
29. We have a workplace culture built on trust, with colleagues who deliver their personal best.
30. We have employer brand ROI metrics in place that are consistently measured.
31. Employees are talking about us on review websites, such as Glassdoor and Rate My Employer, in a way that is consistent with our brand objectives.
32. Our organization has been recognized externally as a great place to work.

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