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Your company has a story to tell. One like no other. At Blu Ivy our team of Employer Branding Specialists to define your employer brand and provide you with bespoke strategies to communicate and manage it.

We are employer branding, talent recruitment and culture architects.

By partnering with executives we build award-winning people practices, inspire extraordinary employee pride and engagement, and cultivate better workplaces.

Truth & Growth In All We Do

We work as partners

Working closely with a dedicated Employer Brand Consultant and our team of Employer Brand Specialists across many areas of expertise, we develop an intimate understanding of your business and build a foundation of trust to facilitate growth and innovation.

We do what’s best for you

Building a corporate culture can be a delicate process that requires meticulous planning. We will always recommend what is best for your company, despite potential challenges or popular opinion.

We help you stay ahead of the curve

We understand that the new world of work is a complex balancing act between generational and departmental interests. We are driven to innovate with customers, partners, and employees to foster thought leadership and inspire forward-thinking workplace practices.

We deliver beyond expectation

Our unique advantage allows us to consider the big picture and focus on strategies that will resonate. With our unbiased and targeted approach to employer branding, we deliver results that make an impact.

Meet Your Team

Attracting, engaging and keeping great talent isn’t an art. It’s your employer brand. Your story. And how you leverage it to recruit and build your culture. We are the experience, passion and vision to get you there.

Leandra Harris Employer Brand Managing Director Blu Ivy

Leandra Harris

Managing Director and Co-founder of Blu Ivy

We all have that one thing in life that we were born to do, that we love to do. Working with organizations to define their unique purpose is that “thing” for me. I love helping organizations become their very best. It’s why I started Blu Ivy group back in 2012. 

Stacy Parker

Managing Director and Co-founder of Blu Ivy

It’a been almost a decade since I was introduced to Employer Brand strategy, from the concept founder himself – Simon Barrow. I knew that he was onto something ground breaking and that I wanted to play a big part in it!

Emily Charczuk Employer Brand Consultant Blu Ivy

Emily Charczuk​

Director, Employer Brand and Culture

Over the course of my career, I have worked in recruitment, training, HR technology, talent development, and most recently employer branding, both in-house and as a consultant. While each experience has been enriching, this is where I have felt most at home. I have always had a passion for storytelling and the opportunity to craft a compelling narrative excites me.

Mike Hoffmann

Director of Growth and Innovation

As a change management advocate, Mike is passionate about designing and implementing high performing environments for the Future of Work. He believes in developing strategies that align business goals with purpose and empowering people to deliver exponential productivity. To do this he creates collaboration across organizational structures and facilitates alignment between leaders.

Nicole Fernandes Employer Brand Consultant Blu Ivy

Nicole Fernandes

Director, Employer Brand & Culture | DEI Practice

I have always been fascinated by motivation, drive, and authenticity, and how harnessing those things can help people and businesses achieve success. That fascination led me to pursue a degree in Psychology and a career in Human Resources and Engagement, where I’ve loved helping people and businesses be their best. 

Michael Willson Employer Brand Creative Director Blu Ivy

Michael Willson ​

Creative Director

I have always had a love for the creative process.

From bricks + mortar to bytes, banners and beyond with over  +20 years’ experience, I have always been passionate about pioneering change, with a perspective for the digital world, balanced by experiences in the real one.

Lauralee Guthrie

Social and Digital Consultant

I love building processes and helping people become better together. I’m addicted to new technologies and love finding new ways of doing things that increase productivity.

It’s an exciting time with the speed of change and opportunity. Whether it’s leveraging machine learning or new communication channels, I’m passionate about testing and optimizing to make an impact.

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