COVID-19 and the Impact on Employee Experience: 2020 Employer Branding Report

The COVID-19 crisis has been the cause of unprecedented change around the world. Never before has an epidemic impacted lives, families, and the global economy as profoundly as this. The world of work, in particular, has been thrown into a tailspin. Faced with an avalanche of talent management challenges, employers and HR leaders have struggled to deal with restructuring, layoffs, and transitioning staff from the office to home-based working environments in impossibly short timeframes. All with little to no data about how to navigate this crisis effectively from a people perspective.

So, as we prepared for the “return to work” phase we felt it was time for an important barometer check. We wanted to understand how COVID-19 may have changed employee expectations of their leaders and workplace. Between April 1st and 30th, 2020, we surveyed more than 200 respondents across North America, representing a cross section of age groups, sectors, and roles. Our goal was to find out how this pandemic has impacted their career, their expectations of their employer, and their views about workplace culture – and how it has changed both for now and in the future.

Learn more about our findings. Click Here To Download Our Report.

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