Becoming A Better Ally: Introducing Our Free Diversity & Inclusion Survey

One of the first steps to creating a more diverse and inclusive workplace culture is to understand your current strengths and opportunities. As leaders in employer branding, culture and storytelling, we know that listening to talent is a critical first step in building trust and transforming workplaces for the future.  

Wherever you are on your journey to creating a more diverse and inclusive workplace, we want to help. As part of our commitment to becoming a better ally, we have created an 18-question survey to help organizations better understand their strengths and opportunities with respect to diversity and inclusion. By launching this survey in your workplace and encouraging employees to complete it, you will not only gain valuable insights into your workplace culture, but you will demonstrate that diversity, inclusion, and your employees’ voice truly matters.

We are pleased to conduct this survey for organizations, FREE OF CHARGE, as our way of giving back to and supporting our community. At this time, there is no cap on the number of organizations we are willing to support. Should this change, due to overwhelming response, we will let you know.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about the survey and how to launch it within your organization. 

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