Wellness Week at Blu Ivy Group

It’s been nine months since the pandemic swept our lives.  With a remote work mandate until further notice, even here at Blu Ivy, we’re open to admitting some of us are feeling the effects of social isolation, and coping with anxieties that have affected our wellness and mental health. 

At Blu Ivy, we provide world-class solutions to build an award-winning employer brand, which – for us – includes maintaining the sanctity and well being of our most important assets: our employees.

According to Business Insider, 40% of workers say they’ve dealt with burnout during the pandemic specifically. It does not escape us how imperative it is to proactively take care of our health and wellness in response to all that has happened this year, and to best prepare for what’s to come. 

In honour of our hard-working and dedicated employees, and in hopes of inspiring your teams to do the same, we hosted a Wellness Week. This entailed a variety of daily activities and perks that we enjoyed to replenish our bodies, nourish our minds, and refresh our eyes – both individually, and as a team ( albeit virtually). 

Here’s an insider’s look at what we got up to during Wellness Week. 

We took a “Trip to Italy” for a yoga class.

We shared, and recreated some delicious and healthy recipes


Jenni, shared the benefits of rubbing aloe on your face a couple of times a week

We added a new addition to our work spaces to make them feel more like home

Nicole got a diffuser

Zeeshan got a new plant 

We created a gratitude list and shared it with each other. Here are a few of our favourites:

I’m grateful for…

Moving to this beautiful country

I’m grateful I had the opportunity to move here and start the next chapter of my life. 

Meaningful work

I’m grateful that I not only have a job but consider it to be meaningful work, where I get to help companies create better work cultures and help employees have a voice. It’s an added perk that I have a lot of flexibility, autonomy, and great coworkers. Really grateful for this team and for wellness week. 

My people

In good times and not-so-good times, it’s the people around me that matter most. I am very lucky to be surrounded by many good eggs – in my personal life and my professional life. The people in my life (present company included!) who lift me up when I need it, make me laugh and laugh with me, open my mind, make me think, teach me things. Also Olive. She’s technically a dog, but she’s my people. 

All that the coronavirus has taught me

I know 2020 isn’t going down in the books as the best year in most people’s lives, but I have to say, it’s been pretty great for me. I started this year living with my boyfriend and when we got quarantined, it became very clear very quickly that there’s no one I’d rather be locked up with forever. So we got married. Life has slowed down, but I’m learning to enjoy it as this is just a fleeting moment in time and things will surely speed right the heck back up. I miss restaurants, but I cook more and I love cooking. I miss hugging and seeing my friends and family the way I used to, but everyone is healthy and responsible and we’re waiting out this storm together from a distance. I miss travelling, but the inability to do so has also made my appreciation for it grow. And I’m going to do it again with vigour. I have more time on my hands, but I have interesting work to do that challenges me to think outside the box and get creative. And I can do it in my cycling shorts from the comfort of home. 🙂

My general situation

I have my health, physical and mental, and the means to maintain it. I knew before, but this year has really exposed just how many people do not. I wake up in a warm, comfy bed every morning, have a roof over my head, peer into a full fridge, go to bed with a full belly, have the luxury to indulge in rituals of self care like exercise and dessert (because balance), and have people who love me and check in to make sure I’m ok. Everyone really should have that. 

Being a human being

The odds of being born a human being is 400 trillion to one. You are actually 10x more likely to win the lottery, so try your best to stay positive in tough times! Let things go and forgive things that don’t serve your life or the life you want to have. Embrace the time that you have and make the most of any situation… which brings me to my final thought… 

That COVID didn’t happen during the era of 90’s technology. 

Could you imagine working from home with dial-up and fax machines? No smartphone? No social media or Netflix to distract you? Having to bio-hazard up to go to Blockbuster for a VHS rental? 

Gratitude really is an attitude, and wellness should never be compromised. We never take for granted how lucky we are to be alive, to work with the people we work with and that means the most, above all else. 

To the Blu Ivy team, thank you for all that you do. We know this isn’t easy.  We know that the counter to your professional, driven, powerful and successful side is one that can feel exhaustion,  anxiety, frustration and fear.  We support you and honor your whole selves. Be well! 

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