What is programmatic job advertising, and what’s all the hype?

You’ve probably heard about something called programmatic job advertising – whether you’re already familiar with the term, or its new to you, now is the time to learn more, and start thinking about how you can leverage it to your organization’s advantage.

First of all…what is programmatic job advertising?

Programmatic job advertising is when an agency or company uses technology to help make buying, placing and optimizing job advertising campaigns more effectively than a human alone ever could.

Using machine learning algorithms and specific sets of rules that can be updated on the fly based on your strategy will maximize your recruitment results for better cost, volume and quantity.

Top three most important things for an effective programmatic job advertising campaign.

1). Laser targeted goals. A good understanding of what your application and placement objectives are for specific jobs in each region. The higher the volume, the more data that can be collected. Data is like gold in this case and can save you more money faster. Based on your objectives we would work with you to define an effective budget.

2). Great job descriptions. Having the right keyword in your job description matters. Your titles are the most important in this case and you want to stay away from obscure titles and go for ones that will get you the largest search volume and viewings while still staying relevant.

3). Effective creative. In most cases, the main spend will go directly to your job description pages to generate immediate results but the companies that are going above and beyond are running an employer branding campaign in tandem.

The best systems are only as good as the strategist. Ensuring someone is helping manage your campaign who has a good understanding of the three points above and sets up your analytics effectively will save you time and money.

It also gives you the ability to solve your recruitment challenges at scale. The more information you have, the faster the system can learn and find out which job channels are delivering you the best results. The system is also learning from other campaigns and can implement the best keywords and job boards based on your targets.

Using programmatic job advertising allows you to reach your ideal candidates on a pay per click basis in a way that allows you to place the job ad on the right media, at the right time, at the lowest cost per click.

Companies can’t afford to use the “post and pray” tactics anymore, now is the time to use real data to make smart decisions on the fly.

What does all this mean for your EVP?

Programmatic job advertising works to optimize both your PPC budget, and your results – but it also optimizes your brand as an employer.  Programmatic job advertising targets specific demographics on speciality sites, getting the word out to active job seekers in real time about who you are as an employer, what you offer, and what kind of talent you want to retain.  Expired and inaccurate job postings are literally a thing of the past with this platform, setting you apart as current and leading edge, and in touch with an expanded pool of qualified, available talent.

As you move to this more pro-active system, marketplace awareness, not only of your open positions, but also of your brand as a recruiter, and an employer will grow exponentially.  That’s the kind of advertising and EVP promotion that’s hard to buy. If you’re interested in spending less, achieving more, and building your reputation as an employer of choice, give us a call today to learn more about how programmatic job advertising can help you.

Reach out to us if you would like to learn more about what the right mix of technology, strategy and creative will work for you.


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