Mary Lymberopoulos and the Employee Value Proposition

Mary Lymberopoulos Employer Brand Strategist ProfileEmployee Value Propositions (EVP) have certainly been on my mind over the past six months. I’ve been at Blu Ivy Group as an Employer Branding Account Manager since April when preparations for our 2018 North American Employer Branding Summit were in full swing. So many world-class brands came together to share insights into key global trends to build a strategic Employee Value Proposition, and it was the perfect chance to get my feet wet.

In July and August, I had the chance to really immerse myself in what an EVP looks like, and what’s involved in formulating a successful, powerful EVP for our clients. I was surprised to find out how much is involved – how much time and effort, and how collaborative the process is. When it’s done right, the process impacts so many people, both internally and externally, and is invaluable to the organization’s leadership team.

We’ve all worked for companies whose leaders say one thing, put out a generic survey, and never follow up. Then they do it again next year!

What a lost opportunity for organizations. When done right, this is your chance to hear powerful insights directly from your team and really connect to the challenges and opportunities your company is facing.

Imagine, hearing the truth about…

What employees really have to say

What they value most

What would make them leave

Why your employees stay

Especially when you leverage an employer branding agency and there is no fear of reprisal, you get the true picture of what is important and the state of your organizational culture. This information is priceless.

I get excited hearing about how passionate people are about their company and often it’s the little things we uncover that make all the difference. There may even be simple acts or processes that if implemented org-wide, will skyrocket loyalty and strengthen your culture. This is what makes the discovery process and the interviews so exciting!

A company is only as good as its people, and thoughtful, well-designed surveys that inform an EVP with key pillars are critical to employees feeling empowered and represented. The pillars are woven throughout your messaging to engage existing employees and speak to new talent that resonates with your values.

“When leadership takes an EVP seriously, employees believe in it and stand behind it. That kind of loyalty can’t be bought. I’m always surprised by how many people DON’T talk about salaries – they talk about culture, employee loyalty is not about money.” -Mary Lymberopoulos

Any focus group or feedback loop supports that it’s not the compensation that makes them stay. It always comes down to the culture, the people, and the opportunities for growth.

My favourite part of working at Blu Ivy Group is definitely the positive impact we have on people’s lives. I love that we play such a big role in helping a company tell its story and allow for transparency in the core of a company, its culture, and values. We spend so much of our lives at work and being able to turn that time into a positive, meaningful experience for our clients and their employees are very rewarding.

When employees love what they do, and when they can communicate it to other people – great things happen.

In my short time at Blu Ivy, I’ve already been exposed to so many amazing cultures and companies I didn’t even know existed – it’s inspiring. I’m really excited about how many companies are realizing how important it is to give their employees a voice and are willing to invest time and budget. Reach out to us and let us help you develop your own EVP – call us today at 647-308-2352 to learn more!

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