Employer Branding Videos – what is your strategy?

You see at least one every day.  There’s a new dance or catchy tune and suddenly everyone is creating their own YouTube version of it.  We all know someone who has participated in their own office rendition of “Call Me Maybe” or the “Harlem Shake”.  When these videos are created in the office environment they are fun for those involved, but that’s mostly the extent of it.  Is your organization’s version of the “Harlem Shake” a fair representation of what makes your company a great place to work?

While this type of video can be fun to watch for your own employees, it should not be considered a true employer branding video, because it is not accurately portraying your company’s uniqueness or employee value proposition.  If done right, employer branding videos can add tremendous value, including;

–        Providing an authentic view of your organization

–        Allowing you to connect quickly with your target audience

–        Engaging and promoting your Brand Ambassadors

With 700+ YouTube videos shared every minute, every day, we understand why employers are anxious to start using this communication channel. However, before you invest the time into producing a video, it is absolutely critical that you have a strategy.   The video should have a purpose.  In addition, having a clearly defined employee value proposition is critical before creating a video, as it will ensure that your video is truly reflective of what your workplace and culture.

So, what are some great tips on how to make an effective employer branding video?


Authenticity is critical when competing in today’s talent market.  Ensure your videos are authentic, by reflecting what it is like at your organization every day.  Too often, organizations post ‘employer branding’ videos of milestone company events where people are having fun and celebrating.  Unfortunately, these events can tend to be misleading, as they do not truly capture the typical work day.  Don’t get distracted by other ‘cool’ employer branding videos you have seen – focus on what your employees, clients, leaders, prospects and partners tell you what makes your workplace unique.

Know your target audience and channels

As part of your overall employer branding strategy, you will most likely have different target groups for your messaging. The first step for any successful video is knowledge of your target audience. A targeted approach based on your specific audience is critical on all fronts, from developing storylines and production of the video right through to where you post your finished product.

Once you’ve developed your storyline and produced a video, determine where you want to post the video based on sites that give you the best chance to connect with your target audience. Explore the myriad of different available channels, including your own career website, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and more.  Use channels that make sense for your organization.

Keep your video short, informative and concise

Here are three numbers to consider:

10 seconds – The first ten seconds of your video must grab your audience’s attention. 20% of viewers will click away from your video within 10 seconds or less. The rate of “click-aways” increases with the length of the video.

30 seconds – Viewers are more likely to share a video of 30 seconds or less than a video over 3 minutes in length. If you are looking to distribute your video through social network sharing, pack your message into a shorter time frame.

4 minutes – While the average desktop video viewer will watch a specific video for about 2 minutes, mobile users are tending to have longer attention spans. Mobile phone users tend to spend up to 4 minutes on a video, and tablet audiences view for even longer.

Ideally, employer branding videos should be less than 2 minutes if you want to retain the attention of your target audience.  Many organizations struggle with this as they want to include as many employees as they can in the process and are afraid of hurting feelings when cuts need to be made.  Creating an employer branding video series is a good way to capture different messages using as many of your employees or brand ambassadors as you can.

Hire a Professional

Producing their own video is attractive to many organizations, given the technological advances in home video production. Video is ultimately a form of storytelling.  Blu Ivy Group, together with our professional production partner, can reinforce your employee value proposition and messaging inside and outside the organization, with consistency, creativity and visual appeal. We will also ensure that all video is optimized to drive the maximum amount of traffic to your web and social media sites.

Ultimately, your employer branding video needs to answer the question of “why would I want to work there?” in an authentic, targeted, concise and professional manner. Video is a simple and cost-effective method to connect with your audience.

And, when posting, don’t forget to include your company’s website and contact information in the video description and at the end of the finished video. We can’t wait to see your next production.

Blog post by: Leandra Harris, Managing Director, Blu Ivy Group and Kent Parker, Corporate and Social Employer Brand Video Producer

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