Is your DEI Strategy Working?

The issue of diversity, equity, inclusion (DEI) is an ongoing challenge for organizations around the world. After over a year of instability, it has become increasingly clear how critical it is to not only invest in DEI strategy, but also to ensure that the outcomes are creating an authentic and meaningful cultural evolution in the organization.  

Even in normal circumstances, it is uncommon for DEI initiatives to be entirely effective. But despite their track records, organizations are ramping up investments in DEI to compensate for the waves of loss, adversity, barriers and change across the workforce – and rightfully so. In fact, McKinsey reports that “two out of five companies globally are expanding their investments in DEI programs even as they make budget cuts elsewhere.” 

A successful DEI strategy seeks to achieve a culture of belonging by implementing structures, processes and initiatives that attracts premium talent, and create the right cultural conditions that ensure a sense of belonging for every employee.  

Depending on where you are at in your DEI strategy implementation, it may be difficult to determine if things are going well just by looking or listening to what is happening at any given time in the organization. However, there are some key steps that are more likely to lead to success: 

 Needs Assessment:  

In order to develop a successful DEI strategy, it begins with a concrete Employee Value Proposition (EVP) and a compatible DEI Value Proposition (DVP). The most effective EVPs demonstrate an intricate understanding of people’s most fundamental needs and motivations at work; including what they value. A DEI Value Proposition (DVP) must be anchored in authentic experience for it to help elevate your DEIB and employee experience strategies as well as your employees’ responses to them. When the EVP and DVP meet the needs of employees they become more engaged.  

Organizational Acceptance: 

When people begin to buy into the DEI initiatives, a sense of excitement starts to build across the organization. The Employer Value Proposition (EVP) can be seen – or felt – through authentic but subtle cues that inspire the organization with a sense of togetherness.  

Systems of Belonging: 

Systems of belonging will work as catalysts to drive changes in behaviour across the organization. Employees will be more motivated and engaged in their work and with each other, forming memorable experiences and connections that may eventually initiate growth in the business.   

Authentic Employee Value Proposition (EVP): 

Your promise to talent and what they value most about working at your organization.  

 Implementing a DEI strategy is a journey with no final destination. As the workforce evolves, so will our DEI initiatives – which means the work is never truly finished. The most well-established employer brands maintain a cohesive workplace culture through ongoing commitment and understanding.  

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