DEI: Solving for Belonging

DEI issues are in the spotlight like never before and Blu Ivy is excited to announce our latest whitepaper explores how your diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts can create a greater sense of belonging, a more engaged workforce and empower people to be their best selves.

Here’s a quick look at the issues this report covers:

The issue of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) has been a topic of interest for organizations since at least the 1960s, but for the first time in history, DEI efforts are in the spotlight like never before. In the United States alone, organizations are spending billions of dollars annually to address the DEI challenges that have come about as a result of racial awakening, social unrest, and public pressure.  Companies have made widely publicized DEI pledges with funds allocated to the hiring of consultants and in-house professionals to spearhead transformation, and a rapid deployment of policies, programs, and initiatives. Together, these actions could suggest DEI may finally be getting the attention it deserves. However, despite publicity and significant financial investment, are today’s DEI programs moving the needle where it counts?


Interested to learn more? Check-out our report overview here, and download your copy today.


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