Introducing Our Employer Branding and Engagement Professional Certification!

Looking for a way to support your people, your organization, and upgrade your skills in employer branding and employee engagement? We’ve got good news. We are thrilled to announce the launch of our Employer Branding and Engagement Professional Certification (EBEP)!

“We wanted to do something special for the Employer Brand and HR industry and believe that this program will be a first in North America”, says Stacy Parker, Managing Director and Cofounder of Blu Ivy Group.

“Recognizing the impact that COVID-19 has had on HR and marketing professionals, our course is aimed at supporting them in their roles and helping them up-skill and prepare for exciting career growth at the end of this crisis,” she says. 

As a result, we are thrilled to offer this course and certification for FREE to the first 10 student registrants. This is Blu Ivy’s way of giving back to and supporting our community during this challenging time.

Why Launch The EBEP Certification Now?

HR executives and C-Suite leaders have made it clear that one of the key strategic priorities coming out of this crisis will include building out their employee value propositions (EVPs) and refreshing or launching new employer brand strategies. From the extensive work we do with our clients we know that, without having a solid grounding in Employer Brand and Employee Engagement fundamentals, it can feel as though one is drinking from a fire hose with the steep learning curve. 

So, whether you’re a client or ours or not, we want to support you on your Employer Branding and Culture journey. We want to help develop world-class employer brand and engagement leaders because, when companies create great employer brands and cultures, we all win.  

Our Background

Our Employer Branding and Engagement Professional Certification has been developed over a period of 10 years and incorporates industry and Blu Ivy best practices. We’ve also included some of our key learnings and secrets, gained from building and  launching winning employer brands for many of the most recognizable and respected companies around the world. 

Our facilitators have been keynotes at several global employer brand and HR events, have spoken at leadership conferences, and have trained hundreds of HR and brand professionals. They’ve also led HR, Engagement, and Branding teams in various industries in building magnetic employer brands and cultures. More importantly, they’re down-to-earth, human, and love engaging with and supporting HR and employer brand professionals.

Program Overview and Time Commitment

Launching on May 19th at 12pm EST, our 6-week, facilitator-led, online program will cover the foundations of building, launching, and managing an employer brand and engagement strategy over the long term.  

We will cover a different topic each week in a 1-hour virtual and interactive session. Topics will include:

  1. Understanding the Foundations of Employer Branding and Employee Engagement
  2. Researching and Building an EVP
  3. Building Your Employer Brand Architecture
  4. Effective Employer Brand Launch, Communication, and Engagement (including Social Media Best Practices)
  5. Aligning Your Employer Brand and Culture Strategies
  6. Long Term Management for Measurable Impact

This weekly 1- hour, online class will be facilitated by Blu Ivy employer brand and culture leaders and will be limited to no more than 6 participants per session to ensure a highly personalized and interactive experience. Participants should also allocate an additional 1 hour per week for pre and post-class assignments and projects. 

How to Register

To register for our program, launching on May 19th,  or to learn more, please visit:

Please note, enrollment is currently open for those wishing to participate in the July 14th program as well. Register today if you wish to qualify as one of the lucky first 10 participants who get to enroll in this certification program for free!


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