Airlines named top two attractive employers in Canada

Last night WestJet and AirTransat claimed the top two positions on Randstad Canada’s 2013 list of most attractive employers.  What is unique about the Randstad Awards is it is based on publicly polled jobseeker perceptions of Canada’s largest employers by number of employees.  Companies can’t apply for the Randstad awards.   The list is based on the opinions of approximately 7,000 Canadian job seekers, representing various demographics and educational backgrounds.

How did WestJet and AirTransat claim the top two positions?

When you look at common motivators amongst demographic groups in Canada then it becomes apparent why these two organizations claimed the top spots.  Insights from the Randstad Awards survey results found that respondents who were less than 40 look for international/global career opportunities, strong training and a good work-life balance when considering ideal employers.  When you look at WestJet’s career website, their messaging speaks directly to this younger demographic.

What can every organization learn from the winners?

Know your target demographics and ensure your employer brand messaging relates to their core preferences.  What do you know about the motivating factors of the talent you are targeting?  For example, if your talent tends to be an older demographic then they tend to be more concerned with competitive salaries and benefits, the quality of products/service provided as well as a pleasant work atmosphere.  Do you know how you are perceived by the labour market?  Knowing the motivating factors of key demographics of Canadian workers is critical information to have as you recruit for top talent.


The Randstad Award winners should be proud, they are clearly connecting as one of the best large workplace employer brands in Canada. To have a sustainable and authentic employer brand, ensure that your internal employee engagement scores and reviews are representative of your employer brand message.  Social media, PR and employer rating sites demand that organizations are aligned with engagement and branding messages more so than ever.  Organization’s with top employer brands know what employees value from working at their organization as well as the perceptions prospective employees have about their company.  The information that these company’s garner from these critical talent groups is used to create an authentic employee value proposition which is a critical component of a leading employer branding strategy.

Want to be publically recognized for having an authentic employer brand?  Then your goal should be twofold: You are recognized as a Great Place to Work as well as having a world class Employer Brand.

To find out more about the 2013 Randstad Award and Great Place to Work winners please see the links below.

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