5 Awesome Benefits of Branding for Employers

75% of job seekers consider a company’s reputation even before applying for a position. Will they find your employer brand compelling enough?

Hiring qualified employees is an uphill task. Too many organizations are chasing too few available skilled workers. Once you employ these talented staff, retaining them is even harder.

Thus, you need more than good pay to find top talent. Your employer brand is critical in helping you get the best workers. Keep reading to dive deeper into the benefits of branding yourself as an employer.

1. Advantageous Staff Recruitment

The global climate is becoming increasingly competitive, and with a growing aging population in the West, the demand for skilled labor keeps growing.

When you develop a definitive and compelling brand as an employer, it can give you an advantage when it comes to hiring from a limited labor pool.

An attractive employer brand can mean the difference between star workers wanting to join you due to the allure of association for them.

A well-developed employer brand also helps attract not just well-qualified employees but also loyal ones. Such staff connect with your brand on a deeper level and are, therefore, likely to be more engaged.

2. Lower Costs

A strong employer brand puts you in a better position to retain the employees you have. The ability to keep your staff turnover low via an attraction to your brand means you can maintain your operational costs at an efficient level.

With a focused investment on growing your employer brand awareness, you will not have to spend as much as other firms in attracting new hires. You will notice that the trend for such a company is for potential hires to seek you out and apply more than you going out to bring them in.

The savings you make on these two fronts can be rolled into areas in the business that drive meaningful growth.

3. Supports Organizational Initiatives

Just as your firm crafts and deploys external initiatives to build brand equity with customers, so should you internally.

Whenever you want to introduce new internal initiatives aimed at improving your operations, it’s your staff that will ultimately drive the change or not. A high-value employer brand helps your team own the initiatives, which helps deliver better results.

Additionally, if there is a merger or you are executing a transformation, then your employer brand is essential in motivating your staff to support such initiatives.

4. Enhance Your Customer Experience

Your brand as an employer also has a level of impact on the kind of customer experience your firm can deliver.

If you have a high-value employer brand, it ultimately creates more engaged employees on staff. These team members desire to serve the firm and help it achieve beyond its minimum set targets.

As part of the overall operations, engaged staff can deliver a more memorable customer experience, which positively impacts your growth as an organization.

5. Online Visibility

While you know that online visibility is critical for your company in today’s environment, have you factored in what role your employer brand plays in it?

The totality of the reputation your firm gains online is both due to external and internal agents. A valuable employer brand ensures that your staff contributes positively online by word of mouth.

That then cascades across the digital landscape to organically build your reputation positively.

Tips for Developing a Great Employer Brand

Developing an employer brand is not like instant coffee. You don’t pour in some dollars and out it sprouts. It takes time, patience, and care to tend the garden that is a high-value employer brand. Here are some tips to help you achieve that.

1. Evaluate the Current State of Your Employer Brand

It goes without saying that you need to begin by taking stock of how your employer brand fares currently to spot weaknesses and strengths.

Run a survey on external audiences to have a feel of the public perception of your brand as an employer. At the same time, you also need to poll your existing staff to gain insight into how attractive your organization is as an employer.

From the aggregated data these two sources provide, you can put together a strategy to address the weak points that surface. Do not forget to also craft ways to emphasize and bolster any strong points you may have in your employer brand to grow their influence.

2. Empower Your Staff to Learn

With technology continually advancing and impacting traditional job openings, it is imperative for employees to become life-long workers.

Moreover, millennials are now joining the workforce and will form 75% of the talent pool by 2025. For this generation, the expectation for their employer to provide opportunities to continue learning is an essential requirement.

To meet this need, you should embrace the e-learning opportunities available and tailor them to your staff’s needs. As part of this initiative, you can bolster your employer brand by integrating learning opportunities that come with transferable credentials.

3. Personalize Your Employee Experience

One of the most powerful things you can do as an employer is demonstrate to your people that they are more than just another cog in the wheel.

When you build a culture of regularly recognizing the achievements of your team, it can be a powerful draw for them to become more engaged. Develop company-wide moments where you highlight the exemplary contribution of the staff online and also at company events.

Doing so consistently helps boost the morale of your staff while simultaneously growing your employer brand. Many workers would rather choose an environment that empowers and appreciates them over a bigger paycheck elsewhere.

Another means through which you can bolster your employer brand is by designing a talent progression path unique to each employee. That gives them the confidence that you take their skill sets into account and are concerned about their growth.

Reap the Benefits of Branding Yourself as an Employer

Competition for talented workers in the marketplace is at an all-time high. With everyone waving around similar-sized checkbooks, you need something more to differentiate you. A vibrant employer brand can help you parlay the benefits of branding into a strong talent bench for your firm.

Blu Ivy Group is an employer branding company passionate about helping businesses discover and grow their identity as an employer. Reach out to us to learn how you can make award-winning employer brand processes work for you.

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