3 Ways Diversity Benefits your Employer Brand

Diversity works—both inside your workplace, and when engaging your clients and customer base.

Increasingly, your company is likely to have more employees from a wide variety of social, religious, and cultural backgrounds. A diversity of employees is a big advantage in fostering a productive attitude in the workplace—and positively impacting the view of your company from the outside. A diverse organization is one that values the things that make people unique. Diverse companies not only recognize, but also celebrate the fact that people with different backgrounds, skills, and attitudes bring fresh ideas and points of view to the employee experience. These organizations treat difference as a plus, encouraging employees’ individual life experiences and cultures to inform the ways they work. The net effect: diversity improves your employer brand.

Embracing diversity also impacts your customers, suppliers, and external stakeholders. Diverse organizations are better equipped to make their services relevant and approachable to their potential clients and customers. Diverse organizations draw upon a wide range of views and experiences so they can listen to and meet the varied needs of their customers. Leading companies consistently maintain diversity as a top priority to gain traction in an increasingly competitive market.

3 Simple Ways Diversity Benefits your Employer Brand

  1. A vastly increased Talent Pool: Opening your organization’s doors to people from a wide range of communities raises the number of potentially amazing employees. According to a 2014 survey by Glassdoor, 67 percent of job seekers say a diverse workforce is an important factor when evaluating companies and job offers. After all, the goal of your employer brand is to distinguish the company as a desirable place to work, and diversity is a key to attracting more talent.
  2. Greater Employee Engagement: Once a diverse group of employees have been hired, it’s important to put an emphasis on recognizing their differences—celebrate cultural holidays and practice different traditions. This will maintain morale and create stronger bonds within your team.
  3. Improved Workplace Productivity: If employees are encouraged to tap into their cultural differences they’ll bring unique approaches to problem solving and working together. Employees will learn from one another, and creative concepts will be born from bouncing ideas around, offering feedback, and being open to suggestions. Approaching challenges from different perspectives fosters productivity.

Inclusion isn’t just for large corporations. Businesses of all shapes and sizes can ensure their employees are a diverse mix of ages, languages, cultures, beliefs, and traditions. This creates a multilayered organization—and employer brand—that incorporates differing views and encourages participation from all walks of life.

To remain relevant, diversity is crucial to the success of a company as it can support continued growth and prosperity. In any given field, new players are emerging every day, and in order to stay ahead of the curve, it is important for business leaders to create diverse workplaces. Ultimately, diversity breeds innovation, which helps businesses achieve goals and tackle challenges, while keeping them on the radar of top talent.



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