What Companies Should be Talking About


When looking for prospective talent for your company, whether it be at networking events or in the actual interview, it is important to know how to tell your story efficiently and effectively. Read on for some important points on talking about your organization.

1. Your Commitment to Community

Now more than ever, prospective talent is seeking to work at a company that is socially conscious. Take a look at your company’s work: do you prioritize charitable donations and pay attention to your workplace’s overall environmental sustainability? If not, it may be time to reassess your relationship to community. Focusing on work that gives back, whether it be through fundraising events or the implementation of energy saving measures around your offices, will aid in ensuring you have a positive social impact. Take a page from outdoor clothing company Patagonia: building on their history of community engagement, they donated 100% of their Black Friday earnings to local grassroots charities, and were vocal about their contribution across social media.

2. Diversity Within Your Organization

Another question to ask yourself is whether or not you have diverse voices throughout your company. Diversity is crucial in creating a well-rounded workplace that will also attract excellent candidates of all races, genders, and sexual orientations. Diversity is a cornerstone of any successful organization today, and it is important to demonstrate it through your social media and promotional materials. In 2016, Fortune ranked Texas Health Resources and Delta Air Lines among the top “Best Places to Work for Diversity”, a meaningful accolade that demonstrates that these companies care about inclusion.

3. Your Employer Value Proposition

Your EVP should be at the heart of all you do as a company. When deciding how to present your organization to the outside world, it is important to understand the values your current employees hold close. Ask your staff why they like to work for you and what they think the company stands for. When looking for talent, emphasize these points; it will ensure that new hires share your values. Cosmetics company L’Oreal recently turned to social media to recruit new talent, and did so by promoting a 3-part EVP, and were vocal about the fact that it was written with current employees to authentically represent their values. This move by the company demonstrates that they listen to their staff.

4. Past Accolades

It’s undeniable, the best candidates want to work for top employers. Has your organization garnered any awards or positive press recently? Make sure that you promote your company’s success when talking about your workplace; it will help attract and retain the best employees. Business publications like Forbes dedicate lots of time ranking and promoting top workplaces, with lists like “Most Innovative Companies of the Year” and “Best Places to Work”. If your company can manage to make lists like these, you will attract top talent.

5. How to Get Hired

Most importantly, let prospective talent know just what they need to do to impress you as a potential candidate. Top organizations share openly how their recruitment and interview processes work and the type of employees that they are looking for. Candidates will respect your transparency, and will, in turn, bring their best selves to the interview and eventually, as an employee. Glassdoor, a go-to resource for job seekers, ranks the “Best Places to Interview” every year, with companies Sherwin-Williams and Grant Thornton topping last year’s list.

By ensuring that your organization promotes its community involvement, practice of diverse employment, core values, awards, and positive interview process, you will foster a positive public dialogue around your workplace and attract top employees.

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