How Summer Internships Can Help Build Your Employer Brand

It’s summertime, and that means we’re talking about…summer internships. Internships may only run for eight to twelve weeks, but they can have a long-term impact on your employer brand. We’ve posted before about the importance ofengaging all your stakeholders in defining and delivering on your employee value proposition (EVP) – and your summer interns are certainly part of that group.

Summer internships represent a win-win proposition – they provide students with a valuable opportunity to gain experience they need, while helping to build your employer brand in ways you may not have considered and attract future talent.

How will summer internships help build your employer brand?

1. Employee Advocacy – Summer students can become brand ambassadors in a whole new market segment. When they go back to university and college in the fall, they’ll spread the word about your company and the work that you do. Building your on-campus employer brand image with their campus career centre, professors and peers is word-of-mouth brand ambassadorship you can’t pay for. In addition, if you support and encourage the use of social media, your interns may generate additional awareness through the social channels they use daily.

2. Future Talent – Don’t underestimate the value of the talent pipeline you’ll be developing. Our clients’ experience with summer internships proves that interns are extremely likely to return as employees who already understand your EVP, your brand, and your strategy. In addition to being easier to onboard than a net-new hire, former interns are already onside with your goals and how your organization gets the job done. As an employer, you’ll have a line on talent before that talent hits the job market, with your vetting process already completed in a real-life situation. That saves time and money, and supports your brand as an employer of choice.

3. Innovation – Interns will infuse your workplace with new energy, new ideas, and fresh perspectives. Whether it is a new social channel they are using, technology they are engaged with or expressing what is important for them as an employer of choice, priceless insights are available if you engage your summer interns and their valuable perspectives. Supporting the engagement and curiosity of your summer interns can be fun and eye-opening for your business while giving the opportunity for students to learn and contribute.

Students need experience in all aspects of your business – looking for a job without previous experience can be a vicious cycle for young people, and summer internships are a powerful way to break that cycle and to engage the future workforce. Investing in a well-planned internship program is also a powerful investment in building your employer brand.

Blu Ivy Group will help you design and deliver an employee value proposition strategy for your summer internship program that will ensure you get the talent you’re looking for and the results you need.

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