Employer Branding Measurement and How It Can Maximize Your ROI

When we talk to organizations about the challenges they’re facing and where they’re at with employer branding measurement, we see the same issue come up, time and again: they don’t know how to measure employer brand ROI.

They don’t have a consistent, reliable, proven method for assessing their impact, for identifying trends and comparing themselves to a trusted industry standard. In fact, organizations are often using so many different metrics in their attempts to measure employer brand ROI that they get lost or aren’t sure what impact they are really having or they are forgetting critical data.

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In our experience, almost without exception, the data and feedback organizations are collecting is one-sided and missing a 360-degree view of where their employer brand really stands. Alternatively, they aren’t tracking any metrics at all and as we all know…

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” – Peter Drucker

Employer branding is core to your entire culture and must be tracked.

It’s an extremely valuable indicator of performance, and of your organization’s competitive advantage when it comes to attracting the best talent in the field, and retaining the talent you already have. Employer branding measurement lets you know how you’re tracking on a metric that affects every single thing your organization does.

How can employers conduct accurate, effective employer branding measurement?

There are different employer branding measurement models in the field. Brand strategist David Aaker uses four metrics: brand loyalty, name awareness, perceived quality, and associations. Employer brand guru Brett Minchington developed the employer brand equity model, consisting of four core employer brand assets: employer brand awareness, associations, loyalty, and perceived employment experience.
At Blu Ivy, we work with our clients on measuring employer brand awareness effectively, linking it directly to their employer brand ROI, resulting in valuable insights and hard metrics but most importantly, strategies on what to do next.

The Blu Ivy Employer Brand Dashboard

Through our research and years of experience working with clients, we have developed our powerful Employer Brand Dashboard. The dashboard, developed for your HR and employer branding teams, provides a system of tangible metrics that tie into your ROI.

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Every aspect of the dashboard can be shared with your leadership team whenever you want to demonstrate how organizational ROI is being impacted, the metrics are visual and include a strategic roadmap on next steps.

Employer Branding Measurement Dashboard

The dashboard includes the following powerful sections to demonstrate where you stand, and how to strengthen your Employer Brand:

  • Employer brand awareness is the level of recognition people have about an organization’s positive and negative employment attributes.
  • Employer brand associations include the ideas of current and prospective employees about rational and emotional employment attributes.
  • Employer brand loyalty refers to an individual’s commitment to join or remain employed with an organization.
  • Employer Brand experience is the association employees have about working for an organization based on the on- and offline touchpoints they interact with.
  • Employer brand preference is people’s perception of what it’s like to work for your competitors, and you rank in comparison.

Today, brand executives are expected to provide clear, accurate data that track the impact and success of all the program investments an organization makes. Any great employer brand strategy can and should have consistent and solid metrics to demonstrate ROI and strategize for the future.

We often see companies invest in great work, and then fail to measure its impact. Knowing that your employer brand is a long-term business strategy, it’s vital to ensure you have an employer branding measurement plan in place, and that your strategic recommendations are aligned to actual metrics.

Blu Ivy’s solution will empower you to set your strategy responsively, and allows you to take the pulse of your organization whenever you need to. Call us today 647-308-2352 to book a demo or discuss what employer branding measurement can do for you and your team!

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