Employee Brand Engagement with a Photo Shoot

A photo shoot is an excellent opportunity to build employee brand engagement. Recruiting for (and retaining) talent becomes much more powerful when you tap into the power of your employees to tell your brand story and bring it to life with beautiful imagery of real employees.

Here are just some of the powerful benefits of incorporating real employee photos throughout your employer branding strategy such as company careers website or social media content to attract and retain talent.

Make any content you create more authentic


Involving real-life employees on your career site and in your content marketing strategy lets you tell your company story in an authentic way.

Shooting at your office, warehouse, storefront or wherever your team actually works showcases what your organization looks like on a day-to-day basis and gives candidates the opportunity to picture themselves working at your company.

Including a diverse cross-section of employees from your organization relates to more candidates and attracts a wider talent pool.

We know from first-hand experience that employees love being given the option to participate in an employee photo shoot and there is no better way to convey an authentic image than through the employees that live and breathe the brand experience every day. Using employees in your photo shoot will humanize your company and your employer brand.

Increase employee engagement

Creating an ad campaign that showcases employees also has the benefit of creating an emotional connection for employees – which in turn will influence the way they feel about the company, and about their jobs and deliverables.  It expands the scope of their experience with the employer to be something much larger, even if they don’t interact directly with customers. Employees are often an unmined resource for brand advocacy – they are, in fact, a very influential brand advocate group, and getting them involved as the subjects of photo shoots is a great way of harnessing that valuable employee voice in brand advertising.

Inspire employees to share their company brand and message

Not only are your real life employees relatable to your talent demographic, but they can serve a larger purpose as brand ambassadors. After all, who knows your company better? Taking part in a photo shoot increases your employees’ stake in branding, marketing, and HR, inspiring them to be natural “brand evangelists” wherever they go.

Once you go live with content featuring employees, the first to share are usually supportive colleagues of those featured in the campaign and of course the employees themselves!  Normally, employees social networks combined will have a much larger reach than an organization’s social channels which will also help to increase visibility.

Give your company a trusted face

Employees are often an unmined resource for brand advocacy – they are a very influential brand advocate group, and getting them involved in photo shoots is a great way of harness the valuable employee voice in recruitment marketing.

Brand promotion done through an employee is twice as likely to be trusted than from the CEO. The genuine voices of employees instantly add trust and credibility as they are seen to be more unbiased.”  – Edelman Trust Barometer

Blu Ivy can help launch your first photo shoot featuring your employees – call us today at 647-308-2352 to learn more!

Employee Engagement Insights from Edelman’s 2013 Trust Barometer

From Visually.

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