3 Signs that Your EVP Needs to be More Clearly Defined

The foundation of a strong Employer Brand is an Employee Value Proposition that can be clearly seen and experienced through the organization.  As companies go through strategic change to stay relevant in their markets, it’s important to take the time to ensure the EVP continues to match the employee experience.

Here are some signs that your EVP may need to be more clearly defined:

  1. Turndowns

Have you been losing your first choice candidates to other opportunities?  Have strong candidates been dropping out of your interview process, before you can get to the offer stage?  One indication that your company needs a clearly defined EVP is when candidates are turning down opportunities to work with your organization.

Particularly if candidates mention compensation when discussing their reasons for turning opportunities down, it becomes apparent that they can’t see the other advantages the opportunity could provide.  A clear, EVP shifts the conversation away from the dollars and towards the employee experience and the benefits of the work environment.

  1. Your new hires are leaving within 1-2 years

Have you noticed that when you do get candidates in the door, that your newer employees seem to be overrepresented in your undesirable turnover? If during an exit interview you hear “It wasn’t what I expected” that’s another indication that your EVP needs to be clearly defined.

An authentic and well-integrated EVP should be reflected through the entire employee life cycle from recruitment to retirement.  Too often, we rely on outdated job postings that no longer truly reflect the culture or the work environment.  If the EVP is robust and well communicated, you should not have employees leaving because the job did not live up to expectations.

  1. Low engagement

Finally, have you got the feeling that your current employees appear to feel disconnected?  That sense of general malaise?  If employee engagement is low – this may be another good indication that your EVP is in need of an overhaul.

A consistent EVP is part of the company’s promise to their employees – the psychological contract.  Higher engagement scores are directly tied to higher productivity and profitability.  It’s important, as business needs change to ensure the EVP continues to set the organization apart from the rest of the market and helps to provide employees with that sense of purpose and commitment to what they can achieve with your company.

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