Employer Brand Leadership Award Results

employer brand leadership awards

What an amazing time we had at the North American Employer Branding Summit yesterday. After a great day packed with awesome speakers, employer branding thought leadership and success stories, the day ended with a chance to celebrate employer branding leadership in 5 key areas. Each of these companies were so deserving of awards they won for the hard work they have done over the past years.

Best Candidate Experience

he winner of this award Pethealth blew us away with the candidate experience they provide. It really starts with their mantra that every candidate will be treated with the same respect as their customers. This promise flows through every step of the journey, and communications process. The positive reviews on Glassdoor and Indeed align with the experience candidates are provided. Commitment on response times and feedback to all are embedded right into job descriptions. They know that if it is embedded into their postings, they will follow-up on that promise. All candidates are provided with a detailed agenda for their interviews, coaching and feedback sessions, and active solicitation on how they feel their experience is progressing!  As a result, candidates feel respected and heard, they felt the people of Pethealth were warm and friendly. Referrals have increased 3X since implementing!

Best Campus Recruitment Strategy

The winner of this award was Manulife. The campus recruitment strategy and program that is provided for students illustrates why they are a top employer and have been recognized for their campus recruitment strategy. The transparency and communication that students experience starts with a welcoming careers website that allows the student to see all of the campus recruiters and see their bios and LinkedIn contact information.  Other key elements of their strategy include YouTube takeovers, a powerful global social media communications strategy that has a consistent brand and hashtag, social contests, and a campus careers blog, and campus ambassadors that are acting as powerful influencers. Students, check out their page today!

Best Employer Brand Ambassador Program

The winner of this award was the Beer Store. It’s amazing to see the results they have had with their Brand Ambassador program. In fact, they have seen employee engagement increase by 40% in 12 months. The focus of the program has been to build pride and celebrate their employees in a very holistic approach.  The intent of using ambassadorship not only for social content marketing, but as a grass roots, employee led experience driver has been so powerful in terms of elevating pride and recognition across the board. Most recently they have launched a 2.0 program with double the amount of Brand Ambassadors. These employee brand ambassadors are now the featured stars of their ad campaign that is sure to catch attention!

Best Employer Branding Social Media Strategy

Starbucks took home this award and for a very good reason! Starbucks social media strategy spans across multiple platforms and has demonstrated incredible reach and engagement. From Instagram takeovers, live blogs, and paid media, their strategy has a broad mix of content and social advocacy tools that has helped them to achieve success. The strategy is producing incredible results too! They have seen a 26% increase in engagement on Instagram and 32% on LinkedIn. They have reduced time to fill and cost per hire and continue to improve visits and applications!!! Check out their social media pages today and experience the culture that has made Starbucks such a global icon.

Best Company Careers Website

The experience the Loreal Canada provides candidates is truly one of a kind. The beautiful imagery, video content and easy user navigation makes you want to come back to the careers site again and again. The well-defined talent personas, clear definition of an EVP, coaching and mentoring resources, and easily searchable career options makes the Loreal culture very clear from your first click! We also loved the use of Soundcloud bites so that candidates can listen from leaders directly about their career experience with L’Oreal.

Congratulations to all of the winners and thank you to everyone who submitted a nomination. We cant wait to see next years entries and how Employer Brand work evolves in the next 12 months!

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