Introducing Blu Ivy Group’s 2018 Employer Brand Leadership Awards

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Over the last five years Employer Branding has become a staple in HR and people strategy. The rapid adoption of Employer Branding is an exciting indication that HR is evolving into much more of a culture and brand leadership position within the business.

Blu Ivy Group was one of the first to market in the employer branding space in North America. As pioneers and leaders in the industry, we want to recognize employer branding excellence when we see it. That’s why we are excited to launch our this awards Program. This year we will be recognizing employer branding leadership in the following areas

Best Employer Branding Social Media Strategy

Best Career Website

Best Employer Brand Ambassador Program

Best Candidate Experience

Best Campus Recruitment Strategy

Awards Criteria:

∙ Concrete evidence showcasing why employer branding is an ongoing commitment/strategy
∙ Demonstrated excellence in delivering and communicating a unique and relevant employee value proposition
∙ Evidence showcasing that employer branding best practices and initiatives delivered measurable benefits, including improvements in employee engagement / retention/ recruitment

DEADLINE: April 30, 2018

How to Apply:

To apply for one of our awards, simply click on the survey link below. All applicants will receive a scorecard outlining overall strengths and areas of opportunity for each award they apply for.


All winners will be provided one free admission to our North American Employer Branding Summit on June 13 featuring Brett Minchington, the Chairman of Employer Brand International and most published thought leader and trainer. He will be joined by other employer branding experts and thought leaders from Manulife, Best Buy, Kiewit, Starbucks, Kruger, NAV Canada and more!

More About Blu Ivy Group

As a leader in employer brand strategy and creative, Blu Ivy Group’s mission is to help client’s build award-winning people practices, inspire extraordinary employee engagement, and cultivate unique and desirable workplaces.

Blu Ivy Group is a trusted partner to many of North America’s most respected employer brands.

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