Want to build a better workplace? Deliver on the #1 recommendation from employees.

When we talk to employees, we ask them what could make their company even better place to work. While each organization has its unique characteristics, we consistently hear employees asking for improved internal communication from their employers.

Communicating with your own people needs to be a top line priority for leaders interested in improving productivity and employee engagement. Facilitating effective two-way internal communication will help employees understand how their personal efforts align with organizational goals and feel more connected to their work. Internal relationships are fostered, resulting in increased collaboration, innovation and camaraderie.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? We know it’s not that easy. Here are some of the current trends in internal communications to help you ensure your internal communications strategy is effective.

Multi-Channel Communications

Email newsletters, monthly town halls, or letting your employees know about an “open door policy” are no longer enough. Think of your employees as consumers and offer choices in the way they receive communications and share ideas.  Mobile technology can enhance how you reach employees – create short, clear messages they can read on the go or between appointments.

Enterprise social networks like Yammer and innovation platform tools like SoapBox are other ways technology driven communication channels can enhance internal collaboration and productivity. This type of technology is trending as companies become more global and telecommuting policies change the amount of face to face time people can have with their teams.

Visual Communications

Studies show that visualizations are more effective than text in sharing clear messages – and they are more likely to be read than a comparable piece of text-only communication. Frequent communication in smaller doses, like infographics and other visuals help prevent information overload. This can help ensure your desired message is received, avoiding misunderstandings resulting from quickly skimming content.

Good visuals will spark questions and discussion, so ensure there is a platform available for two-way discussion of the content and offer a link to more detailed resources if anyone is interested in learning more.

A Human Touch

Increase transparency in your communications with a human touch. When sharing exciting news, or big changes to the organization, video allows the unique voices of those involved to really shine through to express sentiments through non-verbal cues. Whether it’s enthusiasm from a product launch or remorse from a crisis, video makes the communication more relatable to employees and helps them identify more personally with the message. Brand ambassadors are another way to personalize messaging amongst colleagues. These employees can encourage discussion and identify areas of opportunity as the voice of their peers.

In the face of all the new technology and strategy around communication, don’t forget to ensure that traditional lines of communications stay open and continuous opportunities to share ideas cross functionally and with senior leadership remain available.

Integration with External Communications

As social media breaks down the barrier between what is shared within the organization and what is public, ensure that the messages communicated externally accurately reflect your employer brand and offer an authentic view of your employee value proposition.

Develop a social media strategy and provide social media training to make it easy for employee to act as advocates on your social channels. Tools like PostBeyond can help.  Consider going internal with some of your external communication strategy – integrate your Twitter or Facebook feed into your intranet portal, or link to relevant conversations on your company LinkedIn groups.

However you decide to reach your internal audience, ask yourself – Are the right messages being shared? Are employees seeing and paying attention your messages? If your internal communication strategy results in improved awareness, real time dialogue and consistent understanding, you’ll know it’s working.

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