Using visuals to convey your employer brand

Interestingly enough, images are the most retweeted links on Twitter.  Pictures and videos gain 120% to 100% more engagement than the average post on Facebook.  Therefore, visuals are a powerful medium and should be considered when conveying your brand.

Once you have a clear Employee Value Proposition, there are several social media platforms available for you to visually promote your brand.  Some of our favourites include:


Pinterest allows internet users to ‘pin’ images (regardless of copyright or ownership) to ‘inspiration boards’ which are created around specific topics.  Pinterest is growing rapidly (the site grew from 45 million to 70 million users last month).  With a larger female user group this site is definitely worth exploring, particularly when attracting female candidates.   Check out how a New York furniture company is using the tool to promote their brand and attract candidates.

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Although relatively new (founded in 2012), Vine is gaining popularity quickly with 13 million users.  Owned by Twitter, Vine is similar in that it allows users to capture and share short (6 seconds or less) videos.  Vine is a mobile service and with the rapid growth of mobile users this is one tool to keep your eye on (particularly when attracting a younger demographic).  We are looking forward to watching how employers use this tool to create curiousity as well as give candidates a quick glance at what their workplace is like.  Check out how BuzzFeed used Vine to share a workplace story — intriguing indeed!


With 1 billion users there is no denying the value of having an employer branding video for your company on this popular site.  Employer branding videos are powerful as they give candidates an authentic view into your organization.  In addition, we like how companies are using videos to engage with their candidates such as by providing tips on how to interview at their company.   Videos can be promoted on multiple platforms including LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Facebook and your own career website further broadening your potential audience.


This photo-sharing app hit 100 million users this year.  We love the authenticity of Instagram — check out how Starbucks is using it to give candidates a “picture” of what it is like to work there.

When using visuals be creative.  Visuals can be used to differentiate your position descriptions, engage with candidates as well as share with others your work environment/culture.  Regardless of how you use visuals, they will undeniably help to promote your employer brand and differentiate you from the competition if used properly.


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