Use Co-Creation to Build a Powerful Employer Brand

The most genuine employer brands are built with participation from employees. After all, employees will have the most relevant insights about what it’s like to work at your organization, so they are best positioned to help articulate a genuine employee value proposition. It really isn’t difficult to rally your organization behind this principle. If the right people are motivated, they will want to participate in this process as openly as possible. Here’s how to start the process of building a truly powerful employer brand, and then maintain its momentum.


From the outset, it is critical to launch your EVP project as a co-creation endeavour. Asking the right people to participate is critical, as it will encourage others to get involved. Simple measures like conducting regular interviews, workshops, and internal surveys with key segments of your organization will encourage ongoing involvement and help guide the employer brand narrative internally. Another sure-fire way to maintain co-creation is to form an employee advisory group. This ensures a cross-section of your workforce is always engaged in testing and revising your EVP and employer brand strategy.


Get fresh perspectives on the day-to-day life in your organization from a variety of employees. This will serve as your sounding board to test whether your employer brand is truly authentic. Storytelling campaigns, namely those centred on employees who make a difference to your organization, can become a persuasive recruitment tool. If your EVP truly reflects the real life of your employees inside your organization, you’re doing it right.


Measure the ongoing effort. The only way to determine how much progress you’ve truly made is to compare it to where you were at the initiative’s outset. A truly powerful employer brand evolves over time and shouldn’t just sit on the shelf once objectives are reached. Rather, it should continue to adapt to changing circumstances: the storytelling campaign you ran, for example, rings more true than ever. The best part of it all? You’ll provide prospective employees with a genuine and hopefully inspiring view of your organization. Which all goes a long way to attracting the right kind of talent—the type that will excel on your team.

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