The 8 Steps of an Awesome Recruitment Campaign

images (10)When you need to hire a high volume of candidates in short order, a good recruitment campaign is an effective tool.


Blu Ivy Group has a number of clients that look to us to develop programs that will drive a successful recruitment campaign while elevating their employer brand platform. These clients have realized that a well-developed and effectively implemented campaign not only significantly impacts the volume and the quality of their hires, but also enhances their employer brand awareness, and drives employee engagement.


For those of you who want to make sure that your campaigns help differentiate you from your competition, here are a few of our tips:


 1.   Make sure you have a defined EVP


When you know how your organization is different from the rest of the market, and you know what you offer candidates that nobody else can – you can target your campaign at candidates who share your values and see an increased ROI!


 2.   Review your job descriptions – make sure they are aligned with your EVP


If you have done all the work of defining who you are as an organization, you want to make sure your EVP comes through strong and clear in all messaging.  See your job descriptions as the branding opportunity they are – a chance to showcase your unique identity for potential candidates.


 3.   Understand the strength of your SEO – how easy is it for job seekers to find you?


You want to make it as easy as possible for your candidates to find you.  Make sure you have optimized your postings for search engines; researched the key words, or other ranking factors that will help your postings rise to the top in any search.


 4.   Develop a referral program for your employees, clients and alumni to drive candidate referrals


Make your employees and clients a part of your recruiting team!  These are the people who already understand your culture, encourage them to recommend people they want to work with or do business with – they’re already invested in ensuring the candidate’s success.


 5.   Create a social media and content program to support the campaign for 30 – 60 days. 


Use different social media platforms to expand your reach.  Track your click-through traffic, so you know where your audience is coming from. Ensure you have an easy call to action so both active and passive job seekers know how they can apply.


 6.   Include a professional employer brand video!


Contribute to the ongoing employer branding by using the experience to tell a story about your company!  By using a compelling and professional video specific to the campaign, your organization will see more engagement and content sharing, ensuring a wider reach of your campaign message to your target candidate community.


7.   Consider using alternative media sources!


Think about using banner advertising and news releases.  Make in-person appearances at networking events or meetings to tell people about your opportunities.  Host a virtual career fair or open house through Twitter – more coverage and more events will help to increase SEO and increase overall exposure for your campaign.


 8.  Measure and share!


Write a blog, or share your success stories through your social media and website.  The traffic you create by sharing will continue to contribute to your candidate pool, and provide you with another branding platform.

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