Spring Forward and Strengthen Your 2017 Social Media Recruitment Strategy

Here are 3 easy to implement strategies to strengthen your social media plan and attract the best talent.

1. Online Question and Answer Chat

Providing an online chat forum on your social media platforms is a quick and easy way to increase candidate engagement and interaction. Facebook and Twitter are the most popular platforms to see these types of chats take place.  Facebook and Twitter offer live streaming platforms or the ability to upload videos from another platform. Offering these online chats between your employees and candidates is a great way to start building relationships with potential top talent.  To differentiate your organization from others, provide these online chats with not only your Recruiters or HR but with leaders and Brand Ambassadors.  Promotion for these chats is key so make sure to post about the Q&A sessions at least one week prior to the chat taking place.

2. Increase Video Content

Video content has higher engagement rates than any other type of content.  Crafting short videos that display real employees provides a behind-the-scenes look at what life is like at your organization.  Videos on company town halls, teambuilding or community events are fun ways to capture a part of your overall work culture.

3. Creating Custom Employee Content  

There are no better brand ambassadors than your current employees.  What type of employee content are you sharing today?  Some ideas are:

  • Creating short bios or a day in the life videos/content featuring some of your employees
  • Sharing pictures of employees in action
  • Sharing employee stories that are aligned with your EVP
  • Featuring new hires with helpful tips on how to do well in the interview process/what to expect
  • Recruiter bios/quick tips to humanize the recruitment process
  • Leader tips, personal stories on what they love about the organization

While developing employee content is an important opportunity to promote your employer brand it is important that the content is aligned with your employer branding strategy.  If it isn’t, the message of what you are trying to convey to potential candidates may be lost.

What activities are you doing to drive your social media recruitment strategy in 2017?



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