Our Partners

Our clients seek the competitive edge that comes with being a leading employer brand. We partner with industry thought-leaders to ensure our methodology and services are best-in-class, and aligned with contemporary workplace paradigms.

Great Place to Work


The Great Place to Work® Institute Canada is a research and management consultancy based in the U.S. with international affiliate offices throughout the world.

We have been listening to employees and evaluating employers since 1980 in order to understand what makes a workplace great. We know that the foundation of every great workplace is trust between employees and management. Our employee survey, culture assessment tools, research, and advisory services have made us leaders in helping organizations build high-trust workplaces.

Our Affiliates

Soapbox is an innovation management tool that helps organizations tap into employee-generated ideas that will resonate with your workforce and key stakeholders. By encouraging engagement and participation, Soapbox helps your employees develop an emotional connection to your brand and allows senior executives to put successful ideas into action.
Papirfly is a web-based technology revolutionizing the way you manage and communicate your employer brand around the world, enabling non-specialists to access and edit consistent marketing and communication in-house and in local language.
PostBeyond is a social media engagement and advocacy software designed and developed by media influencers, marketing specialists, software engineers and businesses. It enables you to engage your workforce on social media, empower your sales team with content the closes sales, and grow your employer brand online.