My First Two Months at Blu Ivy Group

When 2017 started, I would have never guessed that this year would have gone as it has but I am so glad that it did. It’s hard to believe it’s already been two months since I joined the Blu Ivy team and time has been flying by. Looking back on the last two months, it feels like I have learned so much in such a short time frame. It’s been so amazing to work with a team that is so dedicated and committed to their careers and Blu Ivy but still shows that same commitment to their families and lives they have built at home.

Here are a few highlights of some cool things I have been able to do over the past two months:

  • Travelling across Canada from BC to Newfoundland
  • Riding in a small prop plane (see above- a great bonding experience for me and my teammate Caryn)
  • Learning about the aviation, insurance, restaurant, construction and power industries
  • Getting the opportunity to blog again
  • Updating my wardrobe to a mostly “casual Friday” wardrobe
  • Having the option to work from home and have this sweet face keep me company


Throughout these two months, one of the biggest things I have learned about employer branding is how much of a negative impact mediocre to poor ratings/feedback from a website such as Glassdoor can have on an organization.  Shaping the narrative of your employer brand by developing an authentic and unique EVP is key if you want to be a top of mind brand in the 2017 talent market!




About Blu Ivy Group

Blu Ivy Group is a leading employer branding and employee engagement consultancy that aligns your organization with contemporary workplace paradigms. Blu Ivy Group’s mission is to help client’s build award-winning people practices, inspire extraordinary employee engagement, and cultivate unique and desirable workplaces.

We provide integrated solutions in employer brand and engagement research, strategic consulting, employer brand integration, creative and talent communications. Blu Ivy Group is a trusted partner to many of North America’s most respected employer brands. For more information, go to


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