Talent Attraction

Are you primed and in position to attract top talent and become a top employer? Today’s business environment is becoming less dependent on what appears on a financial statement, and more dependent on human capital. Talent attraction is a crucial part of Blu Ivy Group’s employer branding strategy. We help you assess what you have and what you need to achieve your employer branding goals.

Market Intelligence Gathering
Our reports identify some driving forces and motivations for your ideal candidates, and provide insight on the channels they are accessing. Blu Ivy Group will develop customized campaigns to connect with your target audience, whether by location, skill, or demographic.
Recruitment Marketing
Get your employer brand in front of the right people at the right time with messages that clearly explain your value proposition. Blu Ivy Group leverages various communication and media channels to attract high quality candidates, and establish strategies that streamline your HR and training processes.
Brand Ambassador Program
Do your employees live and breathe your brand, and properly communicate those values to your customers? We’ll identify brand ambassadors within your organization, activate them on social media, recommend creative initiatives tied to your employee value proposition and employer brand, and measure the impact.