By gathering insights from your employees, competitors, key stakeholders, and more, Blu Ivy Group can assess the impact of your brand and help you discover new ways to become a top employer.

Employee Value Proposition
Why do people join your organization and what makes them stay? Through quantitative and qualitative research, we’ll give you a clear picture of what motivates employees within your organization.
Competitor Analysis and Benchmarking
Our research tools analyze your competitors and help you identify what your key differentiators are, so you can thrive as an industry leader.
External Stakeholder Analysis
How do clients, candidates, vendors and prospects view your organization? Based on a minimum of 20 interviews with a sample of key external stakeholders, we’ll uncover perceptions of your employer brand that will help us shape your strategy.
Leadership interviews
How do your own leaders feel about your organization? By gauging responses from those who are on the frontlines of employee relations, we reveal insights on your culture, its strengths, and opportunities for improvement.
Employer Brand Scorecard
Is your employer brand strategy successful based on your key performance indicators? Our exclusive scorecard helps you assess your strategy and gain actionable insights that you can put into practice.