Branding & Engagement

Empower your employees to become advocates for your employer brand and establish the right strategy to distinguish your organization amongst competitors. Blu Ivy Group’s team of advisors works with your team to establish a better understanding your organization’s employment experience.

People Strategy Audit and Development
Leverage emerging trends in employee engagement to dramatically improve the employment experience. After our initial assessments, we’ll help you devise people strategies and practices that enable your employees to foster an emotional connection to your organization and its goals.
Personal Brand Optimization
Do you know how your personal brand compares to others in your space? Does your brand stand out in the crowd? Do you compel people to want to talk with you? Our report and recommendations will help you build a leading personal brand, significantly impacting your personal and business goals.
Employer Brand Strategy
Is employer branding one of your core business strategies? Does your senior leadership team understand the importance and impact of a successful employer brand strategy? Does your senior leadership team know what a successful employer brand strategy looks like? We will develop a strategy and action plan that will position you as a leading employer in your industry.
Interim HR & Employer Branding Leadership
Blu Ivy Group is your partner as you flex your employer branding muscle and begin the implementation phase of your strategy. When your in-house capacity is limited, we provide the interim leadership support you need as you consolidate the skills and resources required to execute your employer branding vision, setting up the right jumping off point when it’s time to fly.