How A Powerful Employee Value Proposition Attracts Top Talent To Your Company

Everyone wants top quality employees. Top quality employees help increase revenue and productivity, drive innovation and customer satisfaction, and have enormous influence on your overall business brand.

That makes attracting top talent as crucial to your business strategy as advertising your products and services. Branding isn’t just about selling your business to customers. It’s increasingly about selling yourself to talent. Top talent is in high demand and they often have their pick of businesses to choose from. How can you get them to choose you?

The Employee Value Proposition

The employee value proposition (EVP) is what makes your company an attractive place to work. What do you offer employees, in return for their skills and effort, that they value most? This goes above and beyond their salary. The EVP could include things like flex-work arrangements, making an impact and professional development opportunities and support, among other things. It defines the essence of your company culture by providing concrete evidence of what your employees value most.

 A Solid Brand Is Not Enough

While a solid brand product or service used to be a strong selling point to jobseekers, that is no longer the case. Now, potential employees want to know what it’s really like to work for a company, not just how good the company looks from the outside. The best candidates have their pick of jobs and, because of that, they are increasingly seeking employment at businesses that align with their own personal values and attitudes. They will seek somewhere that they can feel good about what they do and fit in with the corporate culture.

What does this mean for employers? It means that a favorable reputation as an employer can help generate interest among top candidates and help you attract quality employees. But, in order to do that, businesses need to position themselves as a desirable place to work in authentic way. They need to develop and sell their employee value proposition.

How The EVP Attracts Top Talent

Attracting top talent looks different for different companies. Candidates who are ideal for one company or one job won’t be as good a fit at a different company or position. That’s why it’s so important to be as transparent as possible throughout the recruitment and hiring process and to ensure it is aligned with your EVP. Get all the pros of working for your company out there early in the process so the candidate has time to mull the information over and decide whether or not to proceed with the process. This will help you both determine sooner in the process if the fit is going to be right or not. If it is, great! Full speed ahead! If not, well, you can end the process earlier and move on to a more suitable candidate.

What are your thoughts on the employee value proposition? Does your company have one? Do you think your EVP influences top talent one way or the other?

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