Blu Ivy’s latest financial services research shows you what employees really want!

Financial Services Research Whitepaper Blog

We’re proud to release the latest financial services research whitepaper in Blu Ivy’s Employer Branding Insight Series – this one focuses on the financial services industry, a significant sector of the U.S. and Canadian economies.  The financial services industry continues to shape the global marketplace and the global workforce – but competition for skilled talent across the industry is fiercer than ever, and requires innovative employer brand research and marketing strategies.

In our whitepaper, Blu Ivy examines the key questions employers in the financial services sector need to ask, including:

  1. How can the financial services industry become more appealing to job seekers?
  2. How is your target audience looking for work currently?
  3. What are the most successful employers doing to attract and retain talent?

Find out why, and what the other two top facts are, from our research as global employer brand specialists.

Click Here for Instant Access to the Employer Branding: Financial Services Research Report 

For additional research insights or inquiries on how to build an award-winning employer brand, please contact us at or call Stacy Parker at 647-308-2352.

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