Employee Communication – Tips and Takeaways we have Learned

download (2)As a follow-up to our blog last week, please find below 6 tips and takeaways that we have learned to communicate effectively with your employees.


1.  Using visuals can help employees understand messages quickly.  Instagram,  Pinterest and Infographics are great tools that can help you convey key points to your employees.  Pictures really are worth a thousand words .


2.  Tell a story to personalize what you are trying to achieve to make it more tangible for people and give them an emotional connection to the success of your project.   Storytelling is such a key skill to connect with your employees as well as instill trust.  Every company has a unique story — know that story and refer to it when devising your communication plan.


3.  Key messages should not exceed 3 key points.  Keeping the focus clear and succinct will prevent employees from getting lost.


4.  Avoid corporate “jargon” wherever possible.  Employees will relate more easily if the language is plain and straightforward.


5.  Make communication a consistent part of your corporate strategy.  Don’t launch your program or initiative with a flurry of communication and then have it drop off.  Keep engaging your people.


6.  Ensure your communication supports your vision and culture.  It should help to make the corporate priorities clear to employees in a way that encourages them to be participants. A structured communication plan will help build commitment for projects, ensure engagement through change and maximize your ROI.

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