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Your Merger and Acquisition Integration Plan Must Factor in Culture

Merger and Acquisition Integration Plan

If your organization is considering joining or acquiring another company, your Merger and Acquisition integration plan must factor in culture, brand, and employee engagement every step of the way. If EVP and culture are not addressed, engagement and productivity both

Employee Brand Engagement with a Photo Shoot

employee photos on a company website

A photo shoot is an excellent opportunity to build employee brand engagement. Recruiting for (and retaining) talent becomes much more powerful when you tap into the power of your employees to tell your brand story and bring it to life

Blu Ivy’s latest financial services research shows you what employees really want!

Financial Services Research Whitepaper Blog

We’re proud to release the latest financial services research whitepaper in Blu Ivy’s Employer Branding Insight Series – this one focuses on the financial services industry, a significant sector of the U.S. and Canadian economies.  The financial services industry continues

Employer brand awareness is critical to your organization capturing the market

Employer Brand Awareness

At Blu Ivy Group, we never forget the importance of ‘employer brand awareness’. Ensuring our clients have a powerful strategy in place to be top-of-mind for their target job seekers is key to attracting the talent you want. Sounds obvious,

Mary Lymberopoulos and the Employee Value Proposition

Mary Lymberopoulos Employer Brand Strategist

Employee Value Propositions (EVP) have certainly been on my mind over the past six months. I’ve been at Blu Ivy Group as an Employer Branding Account Manager since April when preparations for our 2018 North American Employer Branding Summit were

What is programmatic job advertising, and what’s all the hype?

programmatic job advertising

You’ve probably heard about something called programmatic job advertising – whether you’re already familiar with the term, or its new to you, now is the time to learn more, and start thinking about how you can leverage it to your

Employer Branding Survey – What’s the Real Value?

Employer Brand Survey

Why do one at all? When we suggest an employer branding survey, we often have clients ask us why they should invest the time, energy, and money.  And it’s not just a question of limited resources, there’s the issue of

Company reviews by employees … How much do they matter?

Company Reviews by Employees

Over the last 3 years, there has been a dramatic rise in company reviews by employees on sites like Glassdoor and Indeed! Employer review sites are where employees (and former employees) anonymously review organizations, their culture, and their executive leadership

Want to Boost Social Media Employee Engagement? Do These 4 Things First.

Social Media Employee Engagement

Most companies we work with, are now developing a social media employee engagement strategy with the goal of developing a strong online team of ambassadors for the organization. There’s a lot of potential here, because research shows time and again

The 5 Most Frequent SEO Recruitment Mistakes We See

SEO Recruitment for Employer Branding

Every month, millions of people search Google for jobs and that number is growing. If your job postings aren’t found, the next amazing candidate may go to your competitor. The point is, you need to be there when people are