Building a Foundation for Success When Implementing Your EVP

foundation for successYou’ve invested too much into defining your Employee Value Proposition to watch the Branding efforts grind to a halt at the implementation phase.  Here are three key focus areas to help you maintain your momentum:


1.  Follow up on employee feedback and have a plan to address some of the development areas.


Developing your EVP required the input of your employees, through surveys and/or focus groups.  Your employees have been invested enough in the process to share their feedback and suggestions for improvement.


It is absolutely critical that you include a plan to make improvements in your Employer Branding efforts.  Show your employees that you value and respect their contributions.  You can acknowledge that the organization has a clear EVP, speaking to all the strengths, but also address the opportunity to be even better.  Your employees will personify your brand for your clients, your vendors, and your future candidates; begin to involve them in your plans to resolve some of the issues.  Tell employees how they can help you become a Great Place to Work.  The final Employer Brand will be something that everyone can feel invested in.



2.  Train management on “Living the Brand”


We’ve all heard the Marcus Buckingham quote that “People join firms but leave managers”.  Your management team is a critical piece of making the EVP a genuine expression of the employee experience.  It’s important that your leaders understand how to uphold your brand values and lead their teams in a way that lines up with the EVP.


Work with your HR and Development teams on leadership development programs that will highlight how relevant managers are in interpreting the EVP for their teams.  Check that your leadership teams understand the behaviours they should be reinforcing and how they can recognize those successful behaviours within their own team.


3.  Check all your Employee Touch-points to do a GAP Analysis between current state and an Ideal expression of the EVP


Your EVP should be reflected in every touch-point an employee has with the company.  It is fundamental for an organization that is looking to ensure the brand is fully entrenched in the overall corporate strategy, from job description to exit interview, and all points in between.


Once the EVP has been defined, it’s important to complete a GAP analysis of each touch-point throughout the employee lifecycle to determine where the employer can enhance the brand experience.


By taking the time to build a strong foundation for long-term success at every possible point; your EVP will help you stand out in the industry and continue to set you apart from your competition.

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