Employer Branding Strategy to Drive Results

Answer a few brief questions and within 5 business days, our team of advisers will send you 3-5 recommendations on developing and sustaining a top employer branding strategy.

Company Name

Please indicate your biggest concerns related to people and culture at your organization. Please select all that apply.

Has your organization developed a clearly defined Employee Value Proposition (EVP) that has been validated through employee research?

Does your organization regularly conduct research with external talent on employer brand awareness, preferences, job seeker behaviour and perceptions?

Has your organization conducted a gap analysis of your EVP and the employee experience?

What department in your organization oversees Employer Brand Strategy for Your Organization?

Has your organization identified internal brand ambassadors and provided the tools and guidance to enable them to effectively advocate for the organization.

Are your leaders trained and supported to deliver on your employer brand promise and employee value proposition (EVP)?

How do you currently measure the success of your Employer Brand Strategy?

Are employees, alumni and candidates talking about your organization on review websites, such as Glassdoor Rate My Employer, and Indeed in a way that is consistent with your employer brand objectives and EVP?

How is your organization currently promoting and sharing your employer brand? Please select all that apply.

What are your biggest threats to your employer brand at present? Please select top 3 that apply. 

What are you looking for your employer brand strategy to impact in your organization? Please select the top 3 that apply.

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