4 Indicators of a Top Employer Brand

fish-gatheredEmployer Branding has been a top initiative for many organizations looking to set themselves apart from their competition.  HR and Marketing departments, in particular, across many different industries who have been working with their employees to develop their EVP’s and find new ways to communicate that unique offering to the market.


The questions then come:  If we think of developing your employer brand as a long journey – how will you know when you’ve arrived?   Here are four signposts that you will see along the way, to tell you that your company is headed in the right direction:


1.       Employees and candidates tell you it is a great place to work as supported by your high Glassdoor ratings.   


You take the pulse of your workforce, through informal polls, focus groups, or formal satisfaction surveys – and your employees tell you “This is a great place to work”.  When you’ve asked for input, and made an honest effort to address concerns as they are expressed, your employees will recognize that.  Engaged employees will recommend the company to their friends and family members in person, or via their social networks.  Anonymous commentary on Glassdoor.com or Rate your Employer will be positive and there will be lively response to any negative comments.  Employees will take pride in being part of your team.


2.      You have been externally recognized as a great place to work


When the feedback from your employees is positive, naturally you want to share that with the world!  Participation in studies like the Great Place to Work survey can help your company message get out.  It’s also a great way to show off your accomplishments – and show your employees how proud you are of the work they do.


 3.      People want to work for your organization.  You have received a Randstad Award based on the public perception that your company is a great place to work.    


When you’ve developed that genuine EVP and incorporated it through all your recruitment and marketing efforts, recruiting and retaining the right people should be easier.  Your messaging will reach people who share your corporate values.  Your company will develop a reputation in the market for being a great employer.  Your organization will be top of mind when people talk about where they wish they worked.


Winning a Randstad Award tells you that your message has penetrated beyond just your employees, and your targeted potential candidate pools to the general population.  Your company will have name-brand recognition and top of mind awareness.


 4.      Customer loyalty and satisfaction, profitability and productivity are all high!


When your employees are engaged, they take pride in doing a great job and that translates to repeat customers.


Companies with an engaged work force are more profitable, their stock performs better, and they retain their top employees according to the Great Place to Work studies.


When it comes to developing a top employer brand, the bottom line to measure success is…well – the bottom line.


If you are on your road to developing an authentic and sustainable top employer brand, remember that it doesn’t happen overnight – so start the journey today.

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