3 Ways to Align your Employer Brand with your Onboarding Process

Think of your first day on the job: you probably woke up earlier, dressed that little bit nicer, had done your homework on your new employer, and experienced butterflies on the way in to the office. You put the time and effort into making sure your first impression was the best it could be, but do you remember whether your employer did the same thing?


The onboarding process is a critical part of the employee lifecycle, yet doesn’t always get the attention it merits. Just like a promising romantic interest can be put off by a bad first date, a promising hire can be put off by a fumbled introduction to their new position, colleagues and work culture. The onboarding process is your opportunity to welcome employees into your organization and set the tone for a rewarding tenure. With that in mind, here are three simple approaches every organization can take to make sure the onboarding process is mutually beneficial and in perfect alignment with your employer brand.


Let your leaders lead

Those who manage teams, projects, or divisions at your organization are given those responsibilities because they have proven leadership qualities. It is important to engage them in the onboarding process — leaving it all up to HR is definitely not the way to go. Don’t leave your leaders hanging either. Make sure they have tools and training materials at their disposal that are up to date, relevant, and cohesive, ensuring the onboarding process is a mutually rewarding experience. This of course includes your Employee Value Proposition.


Never forget your EVP

The very thing that initially attracted your new hire to your organization is something they’ll expect from you on their first day on the job. Neglecting to include your EVP in your onboarding documents and in your training sets you up for failure from day one. A well-crafted EVP should also inform much of the conversation on that crucial first day of onboarding. Promising one thing and delivering another, or delivering nothing at all, betrays trust and leaves the new employee wondering if they’ve been sold a bill of goods.


Follow the one-one-three rule

On day one, greet the employee and make sure other prominent members of your organization do the same. Don’t introduce them and head off for a day of meetings either: be there for them, or make sure someone else is. Informally introduce them to everyone they’ll need to work with to be successful. Encourage your team to actively engage with their new teammate, lessening the inevitable “what did you say your name was?” down the road. Set goals together, and make sure your new hire has what they need to start working towards them.


After week one, the employee should start feeling comfortable with their new role and surroundings. The end of the first week is the perfect opportunity to set up an informal social event, such as lunch, drinks, or any other event that encourages them to be themselves and make a more personal connection outside the workplace. You can also take a more intensive approach by following up with a questionnaire or sit-down that addresses any questions they may have, presenting a great opportunity to evaluate your employer brand.


Three months in, you should be seeing measurable results from your employee. Ideally, they’ll be completely aware of your policies, culture, and their role within your organization. Touch on the goals you set together on the first day so that initial impression you made comes full circle. If your employer brand and your onboarding process are in complete alignment, you’ll see an employee who is pleased to be there, eager to take initiative, and who exudes an aura of confidence that would have you think they’ve happily worked there for years.

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