Monthly Archives: March 2017

Spring Forward and Strengthen Your 2017 Social Media Recruitment Strategy

Here are 3 easy to implement strategies to strengthen your social media plan and attract the best talent. 1. Online Question and Answer Chat Providing an online chat forum on your social media platforms is a quick and easy way to

Employer Branding Tips from 2017 Top Rated Employers

Clients often ask us about the best places to work and what makes them so desirable. Using the most recent Glassdoor Best Places to Work report, we took a peek at a few of the people programs that stood out

Leading the Way: the Importance of the CEO

Behind every great organization lies one extremely important person: the CEO. Here at Blu Ivy  Group, we have had the opportunity to meet and work with some amazing and inspiring CEOs. What we have seen is that the attitude and

Introducing Our New Team Member

2017 has been an exciting time for Blu Ivy Group and we are pleased to introduce our newest team member Emily Harrington. Emily will be responsible for partnering with a variety of clients on internal branding communication strategies and leading

3 Ways Diversity Benefits your Employer Brand

Diversity works—both inside your workplace, and when engaging your clients and customer base. Increasingly, your company is likely to have more employees from a wide variety of social, religious, and cultural backgrounds. A diversity of employees is a big advantage