Monthly Archives: August 2016

Want to Create a Great Place to Work? Be inspired by the Summer Olympics.

Like many people across the world we’ve been following Canada’s triumphs at this year’s Olympic Games. From the opening ceremony to the final extinguishing of the Olympic flame, we couldn’t help but notice what a terrific job Canada and many

Developing a Diverse and Inclusive Employer Brand

Canada is an inclusive society: we welcome refugees, our cities are truly multicultural and we are leaders in LGBTQ+ rights. With Canada setting itself apart as a leader in cultural diversity, fostering an atmosphere of inclusion is becoming more crucial

The Secret to a Top Employer Brand? Highly Engaged Employees

As discussed in our previous post, the road to successful employer branding begins within your organization. We’ll talk a bit more now about how your ROI greatly increases when your organization invests in workplace culture too. Creating a high trust