Monthly Archives: February 2016

Maintaining transparency: the benefits are clear for your Employer Brand.

LinkedIn, as well as websites like Glassdoor, have completely changed the game when it comes to job hunting. Companies who maintain a motivated workforce eager to contribute to overall success will evolve, while those who fail to foster openness and

Are Your Managers Delivering on Your Employer Brand Strategy?

People managers play a critical role in activating your employer brand strategy. They own the employer-employee relationship and influence every stage of the employee lifecycle. Are they executing in alignment with your employee value proposition? One of the most common

Is Your Employer Brand Getting Noticed? Measure Your Brand Awareness to Find Out.

Do industry frontrunners want to join your organization?  Do they even know you exist? To compete for the best, organizations need to strive for maximum brand awareness. High brand awareness means your organization will be top of mind when it comes to


Brands using social media to post jobs on a hope and a prayer that great candidates will miraculously appear really are missing the point. We all know that post and pray yields poor results, so why are so many organizations