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Employer Branding Mistakes that Will Haunt Your Company

Organizations generally have good intentions when building an employer branding strategy. Unfortunately, there are a number of strategic mistakes we see employers make with their employer brand all too often. These critical errors can result in an employer brand lacking

How to Attract Top Talent – Today and in the Future

Sadly, a Magic 8 Ball is not actually that helpful in predicting what the future has in store for your company. Despite the fact that you can’t see around corners, one thing is certain:  high performing employees will be a

Strategic Leaders Consider Employer Brand During M&A Process

One of the most taxing periods in the lifecycle of an organization is the process of merging with another company. Bringing two organizations together can be exciting and result in increased opportunities for employees; however uncertainty experienced during the transition

Want to build a better workplace? Deliver on the #1 recommendation from employees.

When we talk to employees, we ask them what could make their company even better place to work. While each organization has its unique characteristics, we consistently hear employees asking for improved internal communication from their employers. Communicating with your

We’re looking for a freelance graphic designer

We’re looking for a freelance graphic designer. But not just any ordinary graphic designer. One with impeccable design skills exceeded only by conceptual abilities. If you have the book to prove it, are native in traditional, digital and social and

What an EVP is – and isn’t (Hint – we’re not talking about an executive job title)

What your EVP is… When we’re talking about Employer Branding – your EVP – is usually your organization’s Employee Value Proposition, not your Executive Vice President. The EVP is a unique set of values and benefits that give current and

Four Groups you Need to Consult when Developing your EVP

Uncovering an employee value proposition isn’t just writing a laundry list of what your current employees like about working at your company.  It involves careful collaboration with stakeholders internal and external to the organization to uncover an authentic, actionable EVP.

Hanging Out on Campus is Good for Your Employer Brand

The September return to school typically signals a rush of campus recruitment activity for employers looking to secure their choice of top students for internships. There is plenty of competition between organizations vying for attention on campus, and students can