Monthly Archives: September 2015

Corporate Scandals and Your Employer Brand

Corporate scandals come with a high price tag. In many cases, organizations face the financial impact of lawsuits, hard costs related to product repairs or recalls, but the greater cost is paid in broken trust, reduced employee engagement and long

Do your Annual Reports include Employee Engagement and Employer Branding results? 

As part of the strategic toolkit contributing to bottom line success, your company’s employee engagement and employer branding initiatives can be a topic of interest to your stakeholders reviewing annual reports, sustainability reports, or other year-end reviews. These reports are

Perks Highlight Your Employer Brand Priorities

An increasing number of top employers are offering perks like free meals, employee lounges, onsite daycares, product discounts, or paid volunteer hours. While these niceties may seem to be random, the benefit offering sends strong messages about the work environment

Participating in ‘Best Places to Work’ studies – is it worth the time?

There are several studies that exist today that recognize top employers such as Great Place to Work® These studies take time to complete and with multiple priorities one has to ask — is it worth the time? To participate or not