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Interns & Summer Students Share Your Employer Brand on Campus

Your summer students have brought fresh ideas, enthusiasm and more to your company, but what will they bring back to school about their experiences? Students will network extensively with companies they are interested in, and their peers are often the first

The Reason For Employer Branding

A truly authentic and successful employer brand is based on more than return on investment. It’s clear that you need to have a strong business case for employer branding – the work needs to produce results for your organization. Yet

Aligning Your Employer Brand With Your Customer Brand

Differentiating between your employer and customer brands is central to a truly successful employer brand strategy. Yet when establishing your brand identities, it’s equally important to consider how they complement one another.  There are so many great opportunities to leverage

Communicating Survey Results

You’ve been researching Employer Branding; you’ve put together your plans and taken the first steps to building your employee value proposition.  You’ve completed your Employee Engagement Survey and now you’ve got feedback!  That’s great.  Now what?  Where do you go

3 Ways To Effectively Align Your Leadership Team To The EVP And Drive ROI

Powerhouse organizations invest consumer brand strategies that will not simply attract new customers, but will build loyal, engaged customers that consistently talk with pride about the emotional connection that they have with the brand and the company. Similarly, “an investment

The CEO’s Role in Developing a Top Employer Brand

As the corporate leader, the CEO can do a lot to help make sure their company has a top employer brand.  Be a good leader  What do Jeff Weiner of Linked In, Alan R. Mulally of Ford, and Howard D.

Is Glassdoor a part of your 2016 Employer Brand Strategy?

80% of your millennial talent pool is using Glassdoor actively in their job search process. Our research with over 1000 millennial workers across North America in 2015, has uncovered that close to 80% of workers use Glassdoor in their job