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3 Employee Engagement Practices that Cost Nothing, Never go out of Style and Make a Huge Impact

Higher employee engagement has been linked to higher productivity, profitability and increased organizational efficiency.  With all those benefits – you’d think getting a budget for engagement initiatives would be easy?  Well – we’re about to help you make it even

A Strong Employer Brand Story is the Ultimate Weapon

If you want a top employer brand, emotionally connect with talent by telling stories that they are most interested in hearing. At Blu Ivy Group we spend a significant amount of time conducting interviews with passive job seekers in a

Is your employer brand experienced throughout the employee life cycle?

An important step in developing a leading, authentic and sustainable employer brand, that is often overlooked, is a GAP analysis of all touch points within the employee life cycle. While developing an Employee Value Proposition (EVP) should be one of

4 Ways your Internal Hiring Strategy is Damaging Your Employer Brand

Employee Value Propositions vary from company to company based on a number of factors including employee demographics and engagement, culture and business objectives, target seeker demographics and preferences, employer reputation and awareness.  All EVP’s are aimed at strengthening a company’s

Are Your Leaders Aligned with your Employer Brand?

The employee experience is often defined by their manager; more than by any other factor in an organization.  This ripple effect means that a highly engaged manager creates a much stronger EVP, and communicates a more authentic employer brand. Here

Developing & Sustaining a Top Employer Brand During the Hiring Process

The interviewing and hiring process is one of the biggest influencers on how your employer brand is perceived. Recruiters interact with more potential talent than anyone else in an organization – More so, than your executives, hiring managers, and employees.

3 Signs that Your EVP Needs to be More Clearly Defined

The foundation of a strong Employer Brand is an Employee Value Proposition that can be clearly seen and experienced through the organization.  As companies go through strategic change to stay relevant in their markets, it’s important to take the time