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Is your CEO’s personal brand aligned with your employer brand?

As a group, the C-suite are often thought of as early adopters of the idea of building a personal brand, recognizing that it would enable them to leverage their strengths to help their teams achieve goals and benefit the company. 

Leveraging Snapchat to Enhance your Employer Brand

Today, most organizations are embracing social media strategies and tactics to enhance and promote their employer brands. Facebook campaigns, Twitter hash-tagged conversations and Instagram promotions are all fantastic for certain audiences, but one relative newcomer to the social media landscape

Building an Internal Employer Brand Video Strategy and Production Team

In our last post we discussed the growing business use of video for internal employer brand messaging, employee engagement and the alignment of talent to corporate goals. Many of the organizations we work with value video communication so much that

Defining Culture

Culture is an ambiguous word, one which can mean very different things to different people and organizations. For all the discussion and corporate focus on the importance of culture and how it can impact the success of an organization, there

How To Improve Internal Communications, Engagement and Alignment using Employer Brand Videos

Organizations large and small are engaging employees by creating video to effectively deliver clear, concise, and most importantly, valuable corporate information. According to a recent study of over 700 business communicators, more than 71% currently utilize videos to converse with

Want to have a top employer brand?  It all starts with employee trust. 

Blu Ivy Group recognizes that in order for an organization to realize the true potential of its employer brand platform, three things must be aligned: Internal employee trust and engagement must be firmly in place Job seekers in your target

Think Global, Spin Local – Creating a “Glocal” Employer Brand

Unless you tailor your bait, you’ll never attract the very best prospects John Sullivan   Just when you thought you were on track to nailing this “Employer Branding” thing – we toss in another complication:  message segmentation.  Employer Brand preferences

Starbucks Does Employer Branding Right

Employer branding is such a unique journey for each organization, there is no one size fits all solution. So when we see efforts pay off in successful employer brands, we get really excited! Starbucks is certainly one of those employer