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Top 10 List to Make Your Career Website Awesome

Career websites are important, in fact, research shows that 88% of candidates prefer to apply to jobs at an organization’s own career site. When was the last time you looked at your career website from your candidates eyes?  Your career

The Biggest ROI Opportunity in Employer Brand Strategy and Activation Today

When launching an Employer Brand Strategy, not aligning the recruitment and onboarding process to your Employer Brand and Employee Promise is quite often the biggest mistake an organization can make.  It is concerning when we see organizations invest large portions

SAP Helps Great Candidates Get Hired

HR and Talent professionals know that their recruitment process needs to be easy to navigate. If your application, interview and assessment process is cumbersome, lengthy, or poorly managed, candidates will quickly become frustrated and move on. This ease of process

Why HR should want to own Employer Branding:

Did we tell you that Employer Branding is not just an HR initiative?  Point of fact, Employer Branding is more than an HR-initiative – it’s a key business strategy.  When a key business strategy touches all aspects of the employee

Are you celebrating those milestones?

At Blu Ivy, we have worked with many organizations, helping them to communicate their vision and build business strategies that will support their corporate goals.  Our experience has been that every organization is willing to invest in their vision, and

What Your Main Talent Sourcing Channels Say About Your Employer Brand

Recruiters today have a wide variety of tools at their disposal to find top talent. These tools include online (social media and other niche online tools), offline (networking, career fairs, cold calling and employee referrals), and anything in between. There

3 Ways to Ensure High Employee Engagement During Change

The only constant in business today is change.  Organizations face change due to rapid growth, mergers and acquisitions, downsizings and executive turnover.  At every company, at every level, change is inevitable.  Success can be measured by how adept an organization

Three Steps to a Powerful Employer Brand

Feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of undertaking a strategic employer branding initiative? Not sure how to get started? The comprehensive strategy behind a world class employer brand feels out of reach to many of the HR professionals and executives we

Top 5 Common Employer Branding Mistakes

Organizations are recognizing the importance of employer branding.  In fact globally, we have seen an increase in CEO participation in these strategies by more than 36% in the last year (Employer Brand Institute 2013 global research) and an 86% increase

6 Employer Brand Activation Trends

As more organizations realize the true impact and importance of employer brand strategy, there is a rapid evolution of employer brand activation trends. Ultimately, it is critical to have a personalized, nimble and measurable activation strategy to drive the greatest