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It’s not just employees that impact your employer brand

Does it matter how your clients, candidates, vendors, prospects and consumers feel about your organization as a place to work?  Absolutely. Employers continue to invest heavily in their employer brand. Employee Value Propositions (EVPs) and employer branding platforms are developed,

If Your Contingent Workforce Isn’t a Part of Your Employer Brand Strategy You Have A Problem

Over the last 10 years there has been a rapid rise of contingent workers globally. Many organizations and leaders appreciate the deep skills and experience that this talent pool brings to the table. They also appreciate the flexibility that contingent

The Employees’ Role in Employer Branding

As employees – we all have a major role to play in employer branding. Employer Branding initiatives and discussions around building an employee value proposition often put a lot of emphasis on the organization and the leadership teams.  By no

3 Reasons the Beer Store is a Top Employer Brand in Canada

Each organization’s workforce is made up of talented people, unique in their own right, and each valuing very similar things about their employer’s culture, and employment experience.  The trick is for organizations to understand what those values are for employees

3 Myths About Employer Branding

Employer brand is both critically important to organizational success and largely misunderstood. Like anything in life our own personal experiences influence what we think of everything, even if what we think is as far from the truth as possible. Case

 How your Work Environment Supports your Employment Brand

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what would a snapshot of your offices say about your company culture? Your employer brand is represented in your physical office-space; not only the public areas, but in each individual’s work area.